COMPANY "Global Intellectual Security"

Global Intellectual Security Ltd. offers a set of services for industrial sector: logistic parks, office centers, warehouses and for a lot of other companies with difficult inner organization or lots of subtenants, who are connected in one united logistic system.

For industrial sector

Company has a big experience of integration of actual systems in united system of control and security, as well as of lot operation accomplishing remotely: remote control – passing system, which reads numbers of entering cars or identifies visitors; chip system, remote control of gates and roadway gates, and also control of difficult mechanisms: boilers, time relay and etc.

It means, that contacting our company, client gets not only security in it’s general meaning: protection of outer entering, unapproved visits, vandalism, but also inner order: collating of visitors and personnel, import/export of goods, personnel’ going in and out and many others processes.

By the request of client surveillance operators can organize different documentation: make a list of transport and people, point specific processes by concrete criteria, to accomplish any other task.