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The Omnicomm System


The usage of the system allows to get a full control over the fuel tank, to control the amount of fuel it issues, to get the electronic analog of the fuel report, to prevent the thefts of fuel and illegal fuel transportation, to control the parameters of the use of fuel tank as a separate vehicle. The Omnicomm FTC combines the function of fuel volume control in the tanker and the function of control of the volume of fuel issued via dispensing nozzle. 

Due to the automatically comparative analysis of both parameters it is possible to notify not only the direct fuel thefts and unauthorized fuel issues, but also possible attempts of complex machinations, like fuel thefts in the moment of fuel issuing or machinations with the counter at the dispensing nozzle.

The system consists of a set of equipment that is installed on the controlled fuel tank and of analytical Omnicomm Autocheck software. The system also allows to monitor the vehicle and displays the parameters, like route and location, speed, engine speed, the voltage of an on-board network, allows to analyze the work and the downtime of the vehicle.

The task being solved:

  • The control of fuel volume in the tank
  • The automatic identification of the tank refill, the notification of fuel discharges and thefts from the top hatches or technological holes
  • The control of fuel dispensing through the dispensing nozzle. The Omnicom FTC system supports the work of fuel tankers with one dispensing nozzle for one type of fuel, the fuel tanks with two or more dispensing nozzles for different types of fuel can be equipped with several Omnicomm FTC terminals.
  • The automatic comparison of the fuel volume issued according to the counter and the fuel sensor and analysis of the results. 
  • Displaying all the fuel operation on the map
  • The control of the route and location of the fuel tank, allowing to identify unauthorized routes and machinations.
  • The identification of the wrong usage of vehicle, such as exceeding speed, and etc.

Data collecting from the vehicles

The system provides the collection and analysis of the following data:

  • Speed and direction of movement
  • The engine speed
  • The turning on/off of ignition
  • The level of fuel in the fuel tank
  • The volume of fuel issued
  • The on-board voltage network
  • Geographic coordinates