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Extra Eye

Nowadays remote video surveillance is the best alternative for a physical protection. The situation on the market shows that the price of a physical guard is high enough, but the quality of work and the level of employers` preparation makes you think about alternatives for your own safety and the safety of your relatives and your property. The crime world is becoming rougher and more “thinking” and it`s becoming more difficult to resist it with the old methods.

The company “Global Intellectual Security” is offering the market three products of video surveillance: “Extra Eye” system, “ Extra Eye Mobile” system and nonvolatile system “Extra Eye Mobile nonvolatile”. The “Extra Eye” system is efficient at industrial territories, where the physical protection is difficult to provide or where it is economically unprofitable.

In private houses or villages where there are a lot of different values, that attract thieves; apartment buildings where the apartments are often becoming the object of criminal activity and thieves are getting into through the balconies, terraces or windows; the houses, that are becoming the victims of vandalism (outlined walls, damaged wall decor, stolen or damaged vehicles), car parks, that usually are guarded by one guard and he doesn`t have any physical ability to control the situation on the whole object; other objects, where the physical protection is economically unprofitable, but the high level of safety is just necessary.

The company “Global Intellectual Security” is the innovator in the sphere of remote video surveillance in Latvia. Our office is equipped with the modern technologies and the support of professional video operators and of technical engineers are provided in day-and-night regime. The instant response is provided by the partners of “Global Intellectual Security” – the operational groups of professional security companies. The choice of the company taking part in the operational response for every object is determined by the closest location and the shortest time of coming to the object. Through this approach we are able to provide the optimal reaction time on every object on Latvian territory and even abroad/.

The monthly payment is calculated separately for every object, taking into account wishes of the customer.

If you are interested in such kind of service or you have some question, feel free to ask our specialists and they will give you a professional consultation about providing this service on your object.

The remote video surveillance system. Where is it more effective to use “Extra Eye Mobile” system.

Extra Eye Mobile

The security complex “Extra Eye Mobile” is created for enterprises, whose activities are related with the movements on the territory of Latvia.

The movement of equipment in the end of the working daymay cause difficulties if it used far from the living zones:

  • Is necessary to put a fence and to hire a person, who would be able not only to work at night, but also to perform the functions of  the qualified security specialist.
  • It is necessary to provide the employee with the appropriate working conditions – heated room (in winter), bathroom and etc.
  • To provide the means of communications in case of need (radio, phone, remote control)

The “Extra Eye Mobile” will solve all these questions in one complex, we need only connection to the electricity and the area to put a 25×25m2 large fence, surveillance cameras and container for the installation of server. The container is provided by our partner ltd. “Ramirent”, that gives us the opportunity to use it also like a place for office or changing room.

If the specific of work involves regular movements, these details require additional financial and time investments, that’s why the “Extra Eye Mobile” system is installed and dissembled very quickly, so it can be transported as far as it is necessary for your activity. In this way you will save money and time connected with the storage of equipment in a safe place at the end of the working day.

7 different aids can be connected in addition to this system:

  • Sensor that is monitoring the pressure of the sewage system;
  • Gauge of the fuel level in generator;
  • The temperature sensor

For providing the security service, the “Extra Eye Mobile” system is working on the same principles, like the “Extra Eye” remote video surveillance system, that has been working on the market already for several years and had been renewed for several times.

The advantages of the “Extra Eye Mobile” system in comparison with other security systems:

  • It is easy and fast to install on the Latvian territory (if there is an access to the electricity and to at least one mobile operator)
  • Highly qualified video operators with a huge working experience in extraordinary situations;
  • Two times cheaper in monthly expenditures
  • It is easy and fast to move to any place.


If you are interested in such kind of service or you have some question, feel free to ask our specialists and they will give you a free professional consultation about providing this service on your object. 




Nonvolatile video security complex

The company “Global Intellectual Security” represents on the Latvian market a fully nonvolatile video security complex.

Light in moving and independent from the access to electricity and internet on the object. The complex is not replaceable in such industrial spheres as road repair and construction, logging, road construction Equipment Park, the security of different objects located away from the infrastructure and access to the electricity. The complex is working from the solar battery or generator.

The video information from the object is transmitted in on-line regime to the remote video control panel of the company “Global Intellectual Security” 

The Security price starts from1100Eur + VATper month.