COMPANY "Global Intellectual Security"

The experienced and highly qualified specialists not only provide a better service, but also help to save money…

Our company offers the following services:

  • Security of objects;
  • Private security (bodyguards);
  • Cargo tracking and security, transportation of valuables

Armed security of the object

For the security of a stationary object (bank, office building, autosaloon, warehouse, casino, shop and etc.) the specialists of our company carry out the following activities:

  1. The audit of the existing security system;
  2. The development of the complex security system for the object;
  3. The organization of the of the physical protection of the object;
  4. The development and installation of the fire alarm system;
  5. The concept of internal security


Before signing the contract, our specialists carry out the detailed inspection of the object with the purpose to select the optimal solution for the construction of technical security complex and offer Customer the necessary measures for ensuring security and for the prevention of illegal actions in relation to protected object.

The great experience in security sphere and highly qualified specialists of the “Global Intellectual Security” company help to create the most economical but not less effective option of security complex. To reduce the number of security posts (as well as the budget) but not reducing the quality level.

Private security

The private security department is the well prepared, physically strong staff, prepared by the International bodyguard training program and having the appropriate certificates. The huge practical experience allows them to ensure the Customer’s protection in extreme and extraordinary situations

The safety of relatives and beloved ones of the modern businessman is as important as his own business safety.

Our specialists increasingly have to help people not only in classical cases like:

  • kidnapping;
  • life attacks;
  • armed attacks;
  • threats;
  • Fears for the safety of transported values.


But unfortunately also in cases, when the victims are children…

The most common problem, especially among children from wealthy families, is the school or street extortion. It`s psychologically difficult for child to admit his weakness. The company “Global Intellectual Security” created the system and prepared specialists, who first of all, can establish contact with your child, can help him to open up and to identify the problem. Further, depending on the situation, specialists will find the best way to remove the problem quickly and harshly.

Cargo tracking and protection

Is carried out on the whole territory of Latvia. The specialists of the “Global Intellectual Security” are equipped with means of communication and protective equipment, as well as are armed. Depending on Customer`s wishes and needs the company provides car with security team to track valuable cargo or documents.