COMPANY "Global Intellectual Security"

Our remote video surveillance system differs from other video monitoring systems on the market. The difference is that our system is THE ONLY in Latvia that offers 24-hour-a-day video monitoring of the object in ON-LINE mode.

The „Extra Eye” system provides 24-hour-a-day video surveillance, that responds not to the fact of robbery but to its preparing, that gives the opportunity to the mobile security crew to arrive BEFORE the crime was committed and to prevent it, rather than to state the fact of damage, as in cases when video monitoring is just the more expensive analogue of signalization.

The system sends the picture from any object to the operator console via cable or wireless Internet processes the information and informs the operator about the crime being committed or about its preparation. The further algorithm of actions is previously agreed with the customer (from the immediate calling to the Police and creating a protocol to just informing the contact person about the case at the object).

Every crime starts with preparation: external examination of the object, key selection, fence cutting, surveillance camera and motion sensor damage and escape route ensuring.

The majority of secure alarms are powerless at this stage of the crime, because the penetration to the object does not occur. In case, when the preparation actions stay unseen, the criminal has enough time to make a theft:

  • The security alarm starts working in 5-20 sec. after the penetration (depending on the time foreseen for delaying the alarm by the personnel;
  • Summarizing the time for signal transition to the control panel;
  • Information accepting and data transition from security post;
  • Time for security mobile crew to arrive.

In the best case, it takes 10 minutes! Unfortunately, 10 minutes is more than enough to steal.

At the majority of objects (houses, open warehouses and manufacturing areas and etc.) where all the material values (garden furniture and equipment, vehicles and etc.) are out of the protected area, are becoming the aims of  vandal actions and thefts more often.

No doubts, nowadays there are many different systems, that allow to control any territory, but they are not so reliable, because they response both on the dog just running along and the man already crossing the fence. And all these system are inadequate expensive.

Depending on the purchased service package, the video surveillance is provided 24-hours-a-day or only at nights, or it may be connected to the security alarm or to the fire safety alarm. As well as you can choose the combined service package, for example, to use video monitoring only at nights, but for the long absences (vacations or business trips) to use the 24-hour-a-day monitoring.