COMPANY "Global Intellectual Security"

The security of auto saloons has its own specific. First of all, the road transport companies are in a group of high risks because of the large amount of expensive equipment, secondly, due to the storage and use of easily flammable substances, thirdly, because of the possible storage of a large amount of cash received from sales. One of the most actual threats for auto saloons is the attack with the aim of stealing property (robbery and theft of vehicles). The loss from criminal attacks and fire may be huge – there may be kept large sums of money in the saloons, and the loss from car thefts or expensive vehicle damage may be significant. Therefore the security of auto saloons is carried out by professionals.

These objects are of a particular importance – because of the expensive material values kept on their territories. The priorities of the security system in this case must be protection against theft, robbery, vehicle theft, vandalism cases and fraud attempts. During the period of saloon being closed (the night time, weekends or holidays) to minimize the loss in case of the emergency (fire, flood and etc.) the keys from the cars displayed at the saloon must be at the stationary guard post in a sealed box. The providing of security for auto saloons starts from analyzing the existing level of object`s safety, offering solutions for security improvement and optimization.

The security of auto saloons provides:

  • The observance of public order and the internal order in the showrooms;
  • Installation of all the necessary technical and radio communication equipment;
  • Observance of the fire safety regulations;
  • The continuous work of security officers;
  • The rapid response to the emergency situations;
  • Safety of property and employees of the object.

The priority of protecting auto saloons should be the prevention of thefts, robbery, vehicle thefts, vandalism and fraud attempts.  A major role in ensuring the protection for auto saloons plays the system of video surveillance, alarm and fire alarm systems.