COMPANY "Global Intellectual Security"

The construction area and surrounding territory are an independent branch of material production, where are concentrated the significant material and technical values, such as building materials, machinery, vehicles, equipment and tools. The presence of a large number of builders and construction equipment, and their constant motion significantly complicates the tasks of security and the maintaining of safety.

The threats for safety may come both from outside (from persons, who are planning to get to the object`s territory illegally and to steal or damage the property) and from the inner side (personnel). There is also a possibility of collusion between people who work on the object and people from the outside.

The main task of security system of building area is the creation of an effective security system to protect the perimeter and the creation of check mode, that will provide the difficulty for export of unreported goods from the object`s territory.

The security system of the construction area includes:

  • Safety audit;
  • Physical security;
  • On-line video surveilling (monitoring)
  • Technical Systems;
  • Safety consultations.

Our specialists will carry out the audit of security system and will analyze the building area and its surrounding territory, notifying the places that may become a source of external and internal threats. The specialists will also determine the most optimal and effective scheme to ensure the protection especially for you, taking into account the existing needs.