COMPANY "Global Intellectual Security"

The security of an apartment building differs from any other object (office, manufactory, shop) and it has its own specifics, because in this case although in contract the Customer is single legal entity, but in fact the Customer is every family and every person living in this apartment building. Sometimes it is very difficult to satisfy all the requirements and wishes of such a large number of “chiefs” gathered in one place.

Nowadays everybody knows that the concierges are sitting in such building more for visible protection and for the complacency. But the real and effective security service, that will provide safety, safety of property, public order can provide only professional guards.

While choosing an apartment building protection strategy a lot of different factors should be taken into account: the construction features and object environment, the presence of non-residential buildings (offices, shops, restaurants and etc.), the security facilities, the number of stages and apartments, the presence of parking, the configuration of the local area and playground, the security of common areas and technical facilities (hall, staircases, basement, attics and etc.). Every little detail matters when the professional approach.

Before taking an apartment building under protection, the specialists of private security company “GIS” will do the complete survey on the subject, checking the security and equipment, identifying the “weak” places and possible threats. A set of security measures for any object may be individual, but it must be complex and systemized, because one measure itself cannot bring the desired result.

The security company “GIS” has more than 10 years’ experience and it proofs that the most effective security complex for an apartment building includes:

  • Physical security (private guards);
  • Administrative arrangements (indoor rules, pass mode);
  • Usage of technical equipment (electro-technical and engineer security equipment);
  • Video surveillance system;
  • Video and audio entry phones
  • Perimeter security systems;
  • Access control means
  • Security and fire safety alarms

Electro-technical means of security are good together with traditional engineer security equipment: perimeter fencing, gate equipment, gates and barriers, iron doors, bars on the window, lock and etc.